About Us

Photo by Amber Rose Cowie

Ghost Goods Happy Feels Co.

Ghost Goods was created in early 2015 by Nicole Dalton as a creative outlet, but in truth the company has existed in some or other part of her brain ever since she started studying design in 2008, and realised she got a real kick out of making STUFF. Any STUFF, but pretty STUFF in general.

She started selling her pins through Instagram and email orders, and was psyched to see how thriving and easily accessible the pin community is.

Ghost Goods is the Happy Feels Co. because we are committed to creating products that make people happy and to put a little more positivity out into the world. As someone living with depression, Nicole wanted an outlet that allowed her to play around and just have fun, and Ghost Goods has become that for her.

To see more of our work and thinking, follow Ghost Goods on Instagram @ghostgoods